Woke Twitter And Brenda Wardle Call Out Online Racism

The movement “Woke Twitter” in Cape Town exposed when Chris Hart, Penny Sparrow, and Justin Van Vuuren made damaging racist statements on Twitter. The repercussions of the conversation were not limited to the Twitter world, however, these rants were not just noticed on the internet. Standard Bank dropped another bomb to announce the suspension of economist Chris Hart following the racist tweet. All three individuals currently have charges laid against them.

But what is Woke Twitter?
Someone who is “woke” is considered to be politically and socially conscious. Woke Twitter is an organization of people that believe racism and prejudice on social media should be identified and stopped.

Brenda Wardle serves as the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law and is a globally respected legal analyst who is known for her work for the Southern African area. Recently she weighed in on the racist controversy, stating that the legal right of freedom of speech did not apply in this case. Legal analyst, Brenda Wardle stated that individuals must remember that their freedom of speech and expression may not impede on the rights of others to basic human dignity. Wardle went on to explain that no apology is going to mend the hurtful slurs that were made about the South African black people. In recognizing that Sparrow’s statement worked to dehumanize black South Africans, Wardle argued that the woman’s racist rant was illegal.

Wardle wrote a novel that is broadly based on her life and impressive legal career. She authored several books on Contract Management Framework. In addition, Wardle is set to release the book entitled To Kill A Fragile Rose, which is based on “The State’s Case Against Oscar Pistorius”.

Brenda Wardle is frequently invited to participate in speaking in front of colleagues and law students to share her immense knowledge and expertise in law. She will surely be an important face in the ever widening future of social consciousness. She is a passionate legal analyst who enjoys discussing the intersections between daily life and law. Follow Brenda Wardle on Twitter and Facebook.


United States health officials have reported the first official case of the very rare Zika virus being transmitted through sexual contact instead of the mosquito. Zika Virus Found in Dallas To Be Sexual Transmitted World health officials have have declared a global emergency since incidents of the virus have been found to have increased dramatically in the Caribbean and South America. The virus affects pregnant women more dramatically as it is passed from an infected woman to her fetus. The result is a rare birth defect which impacts the development of the new born’s brain. Brazil has seen the biggest increase with over 4000 reported cases in just the past year.

This happens while Jon Urbana continues to pave the way for a mosquito-free Colorado. Bloomberg has more info on the work he’s doing with Earth Force.

The disease has been reported to originally only be transmitted by the mosquito. When a mosquito bites a pregnant victim, the virus is passed to the fetus in the womb. The result is brain damage related birth defects. Finding that it can be transmitted by sexual transmission is a new concern for health officials. What also concerns health officials trying to stay ahead of the disease is whether it can be transmitted through other means other than sexual contact. The Dallas, Texas case is the first confirmed case of a sexually transmitted case of Zika, but officials believe that there will be more cases once other health care providers start testing their patients for the virus.

Insight Into Some Popular Applications

One of the many reasons people use apps on their mobile devices is because they are finding it as a companion for their daily routine and they are happy using them. Few say they start their day with their favorite apps on their cellphones. They just thought they could handle the day better than they did earlier, and these apps also let them enjoy life a little more. Drawbridge, a solution service company for cross-device identity conducted a survey and analyzed more than a trillion app ad requests between 0ctober and December 2015. The intention was to discover what app did well among consumers in the date mentioned above. All these apps on different platforms were analyzed too and the data revealed the highest number of unique daily users and monthly users. The data shows Tango as the most used iOS app in October followed by iFunny and Words With Friends for November and December respectively. However, Words With Friends had the highest number of users of all, with over 3.3 million daily users and 8.6 million monthly users. It was followed by Ask.fm and iFunny.

Clean Master came first among applications on Android phones for three months straight. CM Security Antivirus AllLock was placed in second position. While Clean Master scored 49.6 million daily users and 151.7 million monthly users, CM SAA had over 24.8 million and 78.6 million as daily and monthly users respectively. All these applications on iOS and Android have challenged themselves with new updates to do better in the recent years. For the first quarter of 2016, Drawbridge expects security applications to gain more prominence than any other apps. For the month of February, apps like Skout, a popular social apps may gain higher ratings. The report is meant to give a complete insight into actual use of applications by consumers. The idea is to know which applications are getting real attention and which are not.

It is about what consumers are looking for and what their needs are. Put the right application in place and they are able to make the best use of it. The statistics reveals that people are spending most of their times in fewer applications than previously thought, yet these limit number of applications are getting attention that they deserve. And these applications surpasses whatever comes next in the level of applications. All these data are based on experience of thousands of consumers in hundreds of industries. The data is a candid tell it as it is revelation as well. So, if you have been looking for a similar app and it is not helping you achieve its full potential, you know where to look for the right app.

Skout is one such dating app that is designed for iOS platform from a company with the same name. It is available for free from the App Store. Skout has recently begun a promotional campaign on many social network websites as well. Its reasonably quality is what makes it one of the most desired app for Apple users.

The Manse on Marsh: Assisted Living in the Heart of Downtown San Luis Obispo

The Manse on Marsh is a charming assisted living option for seniors located in the vibrant heart of downtown San Luis Obispo. Offering a variety of assistance levels, living options, and activities, many members of the community have no trouble making themselves at home.

The Manse on Marsh is aware that each resident has their own unique lifestyle wants and needs, and Manse on Marsh is perfectly designed to deal with them. Therefore, residents can choose from one bedroom studios, cottages, and homes with different floor plans. There are also many common areas where individuals can eat, visit, participate in activities, and watch movies together. Members of the community can live as independently as they want. General services such as housekeeping, laundry, and transportation to medical appointments are available to all. Much more personalized service and assistance is available to those that need it, even respite and hospice care.All residents are able to easily summon for service or assistance 24 hours a day.

The Manse on Marsh is proud of the many amenities they are able to offer residents for comfort and enjoyment. There is a salon on site for both men and women, and movie theater style room to watch movies. Fresh fruit and baked goods are available daily, as well as all meals, which can be enjoyed in a common area or in the privacy of ones own room. Recreational programs, fitness activities, and excursions to interesting destinations are also offered. Communal areas such as the rooftop patios and the atrium are designed to be luxurious, inviting, and promote socialization.  All of which detailed on the blog.

The community of San Luis Obispo, California is desirable for people in all walks of life. It’s ideal weather, charismatic boutiques, fantastic restaurants, beautiful mountains, and friendly locals have gotten San Luis Obispo called “The Happiest City in America” on the Oprah show and various other places online. It also doesn’t hurt that it is a short ten minute drive to the ocean.

Autism Rocks and Go Fund Me Are Changing Things

The Go Fund Me Campaign has been around for a while now. It’s a site where people can go to so they can raise awareness about certain things. Sanjay Shah is one person who is taking her passion and making the campaign work.

We had a chance to sit down with him recently to talk about the campaign. It turns out her campaign is very personally motivated.

“Most people only know me by my stage name as Snoop Dogg. What many do not know is that I am parent first and foremost. I have a 4-year old son with autism. When you have a son with this developmental disorder it affects you in every way. It changes your perception on everything. My son was diagnosed with the disease back in 2011. It was then I had sort of a “light-bulb” moment you could say. I started asking myself how I could raise awareness for this. It just sort of took off after that.”

“We started doing this sort of thing back in 2014. I started sending out private invites to people like Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz. I wanted people to take the stage and raise awareness. Music brings everyone together. Music is universal. Why not take this universal message and put it to a good cause. This cause is very close to my heart. it’s even more so since I have a son who has the disease.”
We asked Sanjay(Snoop) how hard it is for him to deal with this problem.

“It’s an ongoing thing. Every cent we raise through the campaign and the live shows I send to help with research and education. It’s important for people to be educated about this. The question I always put to people is “What if this was your child? Wouldn’t you want to find the answers? I know I do. When people close the door in your face, it makes you want to fight even harder. The more I can understand what my son is going through, the more educated I become. The more I can use this education to help out others.”

Go onto the site below to lend your voice. Get involved and find out how you can help.

Freedom from Cell Plans With FreedomPop

Cell phone companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are a few of the major cell phone companies that are providing unlimited cell phone plans that end up costing more in the long run. Companies such as AT&T have these cell phone data plans that start out free or cheap but end up costing later. Many of these same companies are trying to create promotions and specials that help or appear to help in the beginning with changes or raises in prices later. AT&T is also offering streaming video specials. To be able to get the discount, they must also get a direct tv plan. Unlimited plans can be difficult to handle as a family.

Cell phone service is ever changing. Companies that use to be a full service cell phone company with signed contracts and monthly service bills are now branching out to offer month to month services. Phone services are bundling together with other things such as cable or satellite companies to provide a rounded service. Cell phones with call and text are making services affordable if that is all they are getting. Adding in internet capability will cost consumers much more.

FreedomPop is a cell phone service company that offers unlimited data without having to sign for service. FreedomPop offers cell phone data of 500 MB and unlimited internet service. They have a special when someone purchases a new phone from FreedomPop. They are able to have free phone service. FreedomPop also offers cheap phones for the service. Some phones may be refurbished and not costing a lot. Some phones may be yours already. If the identification code allows you to use your old phone on freedom pops service, then you are ready to go. Check online for your phones ability to switch for FreedomPop. They have 4G service that is offered all around the United States.

Locating a company such as FreedomPop that has the consumer’s best interest is not always easy. FreedomPops only requirement is for the person to pay for the phone. After purchasing the phone, FreedomPop provides great phone services with 500MB data and free internet usage. Switching to FreedomPop makes sense all the way around. Using one of the more expensive services can only end up costing once the promotion is over. Freedom is the services that only charge a small monthly fee or they provide free service to all.

Greg Hague is Changing the Way Homes are Bought and Sold

In Greg Hague’s inspirational video, “Three Feet From Gold,” the real-estate coach and entrepreneur tells the story of Darby the uncle and Darby the younger, two Colorado gold miners in the 1850s who found a small amount of gold on their new claim, then spent inordinate time and resources mining that gold, only to sell their drills to a local individual who struck gold just three feet from where the Darbys had given up, in disgust. Hague’s point for the real estate broker is to never give up, knowing that riches could be just around the corner.

Selling a Home Within 29 Days: The 22-Step Launch Program

In a new Forbes feature, Hague’s system Real Estate Mavericks gets a nice feature, and here we can see this is a man who knows his material. Hague uses a sophisticated, tech-driven approach to selling homes within 29 days that he compares with the marketing process Apple goes through when listing a new iPhone for sale. A common pitfall real estate agents go through, Hague says, is to simply list a home for sale on MLS without first building buzz with buyers. This buzz-building can take the form of the 22-Step Home Launch Program, where Hague’s real estate disciples work with the buyer to put together a motivational story as to why the seller is selling.

Only by introducing buyers to a home being offered for sale before it sits for a time on MLS can agents avoid the dreaded “too long on the market” syndrome, where buyers shy away from paying the asking price for a home that is now not as desirable as it has been offered for sale for more than the initial 29-day period Hague’s system sets out as an ideal timetable. By front-loading marketing for the home into this initial time window, Hague says, home sellers can get the best return on their investment by taking advantage of what buyers will see as a hot property.

Hague focuses his Real Estate Mavericks system of coaching for real estate agents not on selling “himself,” rather selling a formula he says is proven to result in quick-turnaround home sales. One of America’s top real estate agents for 25 years, Hague is now focusing on entering 2016 by training an elite group of “Top Dollar Agents” who have gone through a 90-day immersion in his program of real estate training techniques. Agents in Hague’s system need to commit to represent only sellers, not buyers in order to avoid situations of conflicting loyalties, and are promised a high-tech system of proven strategies to quickly sell multiple listings, all within that 29-day period. Does the system work? Hague’s track record would say that it does, but see so for yourself at Real Estate Mavericks.


Texas is known for various reasons. Healthcare care is one of the top sectors that make Texas famous. The state has several medical centers and health systems some of which are the biggest in the country. The state of Texas is home to three of the most populous system in the United States. They include Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. There are more than 600 hospitals in Texas with the Houston home to 80 of them. The majority of the hospitals are located in urban areas. The state has over nine medical schools that provide training to medical students to work in the entire country. The company recently released its reports on record revenues that indicated the positive direction in which the company is moving. The Nobilis heath care has developed a system where surgeons operating in its surgical centers have equity shares. This system ensures that the doctors give the best in their service and treatment to patients. The system has also boosted the public confidence in the state as its surgeons are among the top in the country. Nobilis Health Care Company is a health center located in Houston. The company manages ambulance services and has acute health facilities to offer outstanding health services. The Nobilis company specializes in low-cost procedures that are minimally invasive and affordable to most patients. The company prioritizes on the innovative direct patient to patient marketing. The company owns over seven medical facilities in partnership throughout the country. Nobilis Health is a public trading firm. It is listed on stock exchanges in New York and Texas. The company boasts highly experience medical professionals in its surgical facilities. The management of the company has high skills and expertise in healthcare management. The company is also known for its service in providing medical treatment for spine injuries and orthopedic surgery. The company has several investors it has partnered with to drive to goals of the company and achieve its agenda. Mr. Harry Fleming heads the firm’s board of management. He has over twenty-five years of business experience in corporate finance and security laws. The company’s director is Mr. Steven Ozonian. His experience runs from several management positions in real estates. He began his career with the Chicago Title and Trust. Mr. Steven brings an extensive management experience to the company heading a team of highly trained professional with diverse backgrounds.

Things You Should Learn About Choosing A Healthcare Company

The health of every individual determines the level of productivity a person exhibits and this is something that many have battled with over many years. It is certain that there are many healthcare institutions like Nobilis Health that have been set up by various companies, but it can sound unfortunate to realize that getting the right medical attention is not as easy. Pursuit for money at the expense of offering quality services has led to many people offering low quality services. Therefore, when searching for a reliable healthcare company to work with, you need to first get the right information about different companies so you can make the right decision. Here are some of the things you should consider before choosing to work with a healthcare company like Nobilis Health.

One of the most important considerations that you should hold while searching is the number of years the company has been operational. This translates to experience in handling different kinds of situations. Surviving for many years could also mean the company such as Nobilis Health has been able to protect its existence due to the quality services they have been offering. Take some time to also check on the history of the company to ensure they have been able to offer the right services and that their conduct is acceptable.

Most importantly, consider the registration status of the company on insidertradingreport.org before you decide to work with them. Working with a registered company helps to minimize breach and conflicts, and in case of a conflict, resolving issues is easy through legal procedures. Check to ensure the healthcare company also subscribes to the best insurance package. This will allow them to execute processes easily without having to worry about some losses that may come along the way as they handle a difficult situation.

The level of expertise one holds in an area determines whether people will be able to depend on his services or not. Nobilis Health on nobilishealth.com is one of the leading healthcare companies that have stepped up to offer unique services that are tailored towards ensuring everyone benefits fully. The company has been operational for more than ten years and their approach to emergencies has been appreciated by many. This is among few companies that have been able to hire and implement regular training for their professionals. They have also been able to offer an attractive package to all their workers, something that has offered motivation to offer reliable services at all levels.

Top rated Plastic Surgeons in Texas

Plastic surgery is widely used all over the world and there are thousands of doctors to choose from. The many forms of plastic surgery can become very expensive, and everyone wants the best results for that much money. Texas is a state and home to many fine plastic surgery facilities as well as doctors. One is well known for her detailed work and amazing results, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Jennifer Walden was rated to be in the top 24 beauty surgeons for the United States. She has appeared on numerous TV shows and trained with some of the top surgeons in New York. Her work has been widely recognized and is not only loved for her work but also for her warm personality. Patients can tend to be a bit uneasy when going in for surgery, however many of her clients have praised her for the ability to keep them calm and stress free.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a practice in Austin, Texas and offers competitive prices for plastic surgery done by her own skillful hands. Her practice offers a variety of surgery options such as face, nose, breast, and body. Dr. Jennifer Walden also offers other non surgical treatments such as hair restorations, radio-frequency, and skin treatments.

Another great plastic surgeon is Dr. Rod Rohrich whose clinic is located in Dallas, Texas. He offers a wide variety of plastic surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction and much more. Dr. Rod Rohrich is known internationally, and has over 20 years of surgical experience with a broad recognition for his work. Not only has Dr. Rod Rohrich obtained numerous degrees for his surgical practice, he has also published over 400 articles as well as over 50 chapters in plastic surgery. Both Dr. Jennifer Walden and Dr. Rod Rohrich are excellent selections if you are looking to get great results in trustworthy hands for a great price.